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What is Fractal ID?

What is Fractal ID? TL;DR Fractal is a Berlin-based company building a software for identity verification services — that software is Fractal ID. Our user data collection interface was developed with an international audience in mind. What constitutes the ID… Read More »What is Fractal ID?

What is Presearch?

What is Presearch? TL;DR Due to Google’s 92% market share, the search market is exceedingly concentrated. According to Pape, who spoke about Presearch in an interview with The New Stack, “I built a prototype for Presearch thinking of it as… Read More »What is Presearch?

What is Decentr ?

TL;DR Decentr is a browser with unparalleled speed, security and utility. Included in the browser release is VPN and Adblock. An intuitive Web3 blockchain/metaverse browser called Decentr maintains user browsing information securely as part of the user’s Decentr ID (DecID). Establishing… Read More »What is Decentr ?

What is Idena ?

What is Idena? Idena is based on the unique proof of identity consensus TL;DR The first Proof-of-Person blockchain founded on democratic ideals is Idena. Since cryptoidentity has no one issuer, it cannot be regulated, outlawed, or censored. Democratic governance One… Read More »What is Idena ?