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What is AddMeFast ?


One of the greatest websites for boosting Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers, or followers is AddMeFast. If we want to get into more detail, this website employs people to gather points and then convert them into Likes or Followers.

By swapping likes, views, and followers, users of AddMeFast’s social media exchange platform can boost their online visibility. The AddMeFast platform’s native currency, known as AMF Tokens, can be used to pay for advertising, premium subscriptions, and other services.

In summary, this site is a component of social media marketing because it uses a large number of platforms and is well-known among those who are interested in the subject.


How does AddMeFast work?


On a regular basis, many users use their website to earn points and spend them on services. You may, for instance, sign up for this fantastic community and begin the process of earning points.

You must amass a particular number of points by viewing YouTube videos, joining a YouTube channel, and you can also amass points by like a post on Facebook. You can then convert these points to followers.

Of course, you must select the way that works best for you when it comes to how you will accrue points.

Simply click “like” or “follow” to bring up a window with the page you need to “like” in order to earn points.

What is AddMeFast Token?

Decentralized Social Media Marketing for Web3.0

AMF is a utility and payment token that powers the AddMeFast network. It is a unique crypto for Social Media Marketing & Crypto Promotion.

AMF Token is a general-purpose token for online service exchanges. Thanks to its cutting-edge design, enhanced security, and simplicity of use for millions of people and businesses around the world, AMF Token is quickly evolving into the preferred form of money in the world.

The following key benefits of AMF Token will appeal to seasoned investors: * High cross-compatibility * Interoperability * Fast Adoption Rates

For those with a keen sense of vision and a desire to make prudent, long-term investments, AMF Token is the platform for the future.

AMF Token is expanding to become a universal currency for transactions including digital services.

The AMF Token’s value will rise as a result of integrations with various social media, email marketing, digital marketing, and other platforms, making it a promising investment.


The AMF token was developed by the creators of Addmefast is a website for Social Media Marketing & Crypto Promotion. Created in 2008, Addmefast has gradually risen to become the #1 Social Media Marketing (Exchange) Platform with over 15.6 Million registered users worldwide.

  • has been online for more than 10 years.
  • Over 6.4 billion exchanges (likes, follows, hits, views, shares, etc.) are exchanged on the platform.
  • Over 12 Million monthly page views from more than 211 countries.

Use Cases

  • Social Media – Started by AddMeFast, the AMF Token is applicable in social media boost, advertising and other service transactions
  • Email Marketing – Today email marketing services span from add-ons all the way to separate platforms. AMF Token is becoming integratable with all of them
  • Digital Products – AMF Token can be used to purchase software, video games, in-game purchace and other digital products.
  • Online Advertising – Banners, pop-ups on all different platforms, social media ads, you name it… AMF Token is integrating with them all

Token Info

  • Token name:AMF Token
  • Ticker Symbol:AMF
  • Maximum AMF for Sale:10 bilion (technical limit)
  • Contract address:0xeecd101725b89b66f3e04f953ae0bb647c23fb8d

The majority of other tokens and coins are handed to insiders. An exciting new cryptocurrency for millions of people worldwide is AMF Token. The bulk of AMF tokens will be purchased by the general public. With AMF Token strategically positioned as the preferred method to buy and sell billions in social media digital purchases, this provides YOU the chance to OWN this new revolution.

One of the fastest-growing industries in human history is social media advertising. Worldwide, people and organizations of all sizes are flocking to buy digital ads on well-known platforms like Meta, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more that will be developed in the future.

Join AddMeFast now and start building your following !