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What is Hi Dollars?

What is Hi Dollars?

hi dollars

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  • Hi Dollars are your key to the world of hi, and they grant you access to a number of advantages.
  • Your membership tier and advantages are better the more hi Dollars you possess.
  • Depending on the growth of hi’s membership base, hi Dollars are created everyday and unlocked over a 4-year period.
  • Dollars have the following uses:
    – Earn up to 40% APY in yield.
    – Send money fast and for free across chat platforms.
  • Without charges or markups, exchange whenever.

Obtain access to lifestyle advantages and online subscriptions
Participants can buy or earn hi Dollars. Earn money by answering a daily question or introducing friends while connecting with hi every day.

The cryptocurrency, known as hi Dollars (HI), would enable unbanked and underbanked people all around the world to buy, hold, and trade fiat and cryptocurrencies using nothing more than a mobile phone.

Everyone who engages in the ecosystem’s activities, spending money and gaining tokens in the process, is in a sense a “owner” of the ecosystem.

Your membership to hi is powered by your possession of hi Dollars, which grants you free access to a variety of services and lifestyle perks.

Your membership tier will be upgraded with greater perks as long as you continue to possess more hi Dollars.

What advantages does it offer?

Hi provides standard banking services like fee-free currency conversion and an interest-bearing account in addition to lifestyle perks and cost-free digital subscriptions to a number of popular services including Apple Music, Netflix, The New York Times, and others.

You are eligible for bigger awards, fee-free transfers, and better returns on your savings depending on your membership tier.

How much are my dollars worth and what can I buy with them?
View the most recent HI price at our website or on CoinMarketCap.

With future ambitions to move to hi’s own chain, the token was initially released as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain for a price of 0.01 USD.

Members of hi Dollars will have access to digital subscriptions, and eventually purchase, sell, and exchange crypto services will be available. Our whitepaper includes information on all upcoming services.

On and the hi social media platforms, you may find prices and announcements.

How can I obtain my dollars?

Three methods exist for obtaining high dollars:

By responding to the daily question, you can earn through daily incentives.
Earn through referral bonuses – As you keep “Inviting Friends,” the network expands and gives you more hi Dollars for each friend you bring on board.
Purchase hi Dollars directly from us at OR on UniSwap, the biggest DEX in the world.

Earned hi Dollars won’t earn interest and will be kept in your rewards account. Rewards start to be given out after a year and continue until all of the “Launch Incentives and Distribution” have been used up.

Hi Dollars that you have purchased at market value will be added right away to your Flexible. Hello, Dollars bought with either a 1 or a 4 year release option will be kept in your vault with daily proportional releases during the chosen time frame. On our website, you can find all the details on the terms and circumstances of the token sale.

You can earn interest on this sum, which will be added to your Flexible Wallet, and it counts towards your membership tier.

When can I use my hi Dollars?
Purchased and Rewarded hi Dollars will be unlocked daily for up to 4 years and each day’s rewards are unlocked after 365 days.

Keep in mind that you must finish your KYC before receiving your release after a year.

In the event that you decide to terminate your membership, you can sell the hi Dollar.

A background scene

Based on the membership base, the number of new members, and the prizes won everyday, hi Dollars will be generated. Hi Dollars will be printed every day and distributed over the course of four years to the widest possible worldwide population as part of our “Launch Incentives & Distribution” phase. Every 24 hours, new dollars are created and distributed to members as a prize or as payment for goods. (Whitepaper)

2.67 additional coins will also be produced to support the other places. An additional 2.67 HI will be created for every hi Dollar that is created for “Launch Incentives & Distribution.”

Future plan for hi Dollars
All coming hi plans can be found on our roadmap.

Please look forward to virtual debit cards, exchange listings, money market services, and more

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