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What is PI Network?

PI Network promises to be the Bitcoin for the masses


  • PI Network presents itself on their website as: Using Your Phone, Mine the First Digital Currency Utilize our free, low-power smartphone app to start mining cryptocurrencies right away.

PI Network presents itself on their website as:

Using Your Phone, Mine the First Digital Currency

Utilize our free, low-power smartphone app to start mining cryptocurrencies right away.

Cryptocurrency mining is difficult.

Cryptocurrency investment carries risk.

We’ve been excluded from the Bitcoin revolution in far too many ways.

Crypto mining is simple with Pi.

Innovative technology enables battery-free Pi mining on mobile devices.

Everyone wants to make money, and individuals are constantly looking for ways to do so. Because technology is developing so quickly, we are more linked than ever. The only functions of a mobile phone in the past were making calls and sending text messages.

So it seems to reason that the question should be, “How can I make money with my phone?”

The evolution of money continues as the world becomes more and more digital, and cryptocurrency is the logical next step.

Pi Network, a brand-new peer-to-peer network and cryptocurrency, is currently active in more than 150 nations.

The pi coin is the first form of virtual money designed for regular people like you and me. It was created by three Stanford PHDs: Drs. Chengdiao Fan, Nicolas Kokkalis, and Vincent McPhillip.

Pi Network is the first and only cryptocurrency that you can mine (or earn) on your phone or tablet without using any battery or RAM, and it has no impact on how quickly your phone works. You don’t have to keep my open in the app.

You can mine Pi coins faster because the program is still in testing. You may earn a few Bitcoins every hour by mining, much like Bitcoin did ten years ago. Depending on your mining rate today, you would receive somewhere around 0.000001 BTC every hour.

How Does It Operate?

How precisely does it operate? Take a Bitcoin, for instance. Burning energy is a requirement for Bitcoin as proof of work. Pi, on the other hand, secures its ledger when participants attest to one another’s reliability.

By utilizing your existing social connections, this creates a network of people that controls who may complete transactions and enables cryptocurrency mining on your phone at no cost or battery loss. The specifics are available in their white paper.

The Stellar Consensus Protocol is the basis for the algorithms used by Pi (SCP).

I don’t see any harm in signing up and seeing how things work given that it is absolutely free to join and you only need to download the app to get started earning.

If all goes according to plan, the value of the Pi coin should rise as more people join, much like Bitcoin did when it first started.

The best course of action, in my opinion, is to wait and see what transpires. In the interim, make sure to sign up using the “Zanti” code to receive a 25% increase in profits and to be added to my security rings. Who knows, perhaps we’ll be millionaires by this time next year.

You can sign up by clicking here